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Assembly Conseil specializes in supporting the policies which are related to the company’s securities :  compensation, financial and economic pedagogy, motivation, transfer of all or some of the business assets…

Their main fields of action are:
  • – Employee shareholder scheme via a CSP – company savings plan (through direct ownership or via a CIPF – Capital Improvement and Preservation Fund)
  • – Participation of executives in the company’s equity capital
  • – Staff buyouts of the business (RES, FCPE de reprise, Scop)

Assembly Conseil works closely with you to define and carry out your operations from the conception to their operational implementation.

In particular, the consultancy is responsible for:

– Drawing up the proposal: financial engineering, legal feasibility study, budget simulations, selection of service providers

  • – Help in project management: agenda and minutes of management meetings, schedules management, cost tracking
  • – Legal assistance: company agreements, proofreading of financial reports
  • – Written communication: editing of materials, publishing and distribution logistics
  • – Oral communication: expression groups, deployment networks, training
  • – Management of governance support: electoral protocol, election management (voting papers, electronic vote), training for the elected officials
Covered related fields

Directly or by selecting the best participants, Assembly Conseil provides services in the following areas of expertise:

  • – Strategic and operating due diligence
  • – Fundraising
  • – Management package
  • – Build-up strategy
  • – Transfer of businesses

Our consultants have the triple experience of working in companies, consultancies and portfolio management firms.

The consultancy takes part in both managing complex time-consuming projects as well as blitz management operations where reactivity and professional involvement are the keys words.

Assembly Conseil addresses issues concerning employee savings schemes and pension schemes from a mainly “social” angle: examining whether the proposals are acceptable; reflecting on upfront awareness raising by employee representative bodies as well as rollout and communication with employees.

According to the subject matter, our intervention could be in the form of a lump-sum fee, broker fees, or even success fees. Regarding employee share ownership, Assembly Conseil proposes the most complete product offering on the market: from feasibility studies to communication tools, not forgetting project management and UCITS fund legislation for both listed and unlisted shares and their deployment.

The consultancy also proposes a comprehensive digital offer:  a collaborative management platform, communication extranets, data collection and management tools for the acceptance process, online elections…

  • – The employees read the press
  • – The financial analysts monitor the social climate
  • – The clients are conscientious about the social responsibility of the company
  • – The investors invest if the employees invest
  • – Everyone is connected on the social networks

…the different communication strategies are interrelated and inter-dependent.

Assembly Conseil can help you coordinate these strategies from the conception of the communication plan to the deploying logistics.

Our main fields of action are :
  • – social communication
  • – internal communication
  • – financial communication
  • – corporate communication

Assembly Conseil provides :

  • – the definition of the communication plan
  • – the drafting of messages
  • – the design of the supports
  • – the production logistics: translation, layout, publishing, transport, web tools…

The consultancy carries out all types of surveys, with an internal as well as an external public.

Internally :
  • – One-shot satisfaction surveys
  • – Social barometer (climate, satisfaction…)
Externally :
  • – Economic area studies
  • – Strategic studies in collaboration with the strategy consultancy Neovian Partners
  • – Benchmarks, conditions studies
  • – Studies of remuneration levels
  • – Client satisfaction surveys
We provide:
  • – Strategic and HR advice: opportunities, scope, public…
  • – Operational support
  • – Technical implementation: phoning, conducting expression groups, individual interviews, dedicated Internet websites
  • – Analysis, synthesis and recommendation
  • – Upstream communication and on the results
Measuring or Explaining ?

Quantitative impact studies enables one to measure orders of magnitude, opinions and tendencies with the help of a questionnaire which is given out to a sample population of a greater or lesser number.

Qualitative studies provide assessment criteria to explain their motivation, the expectations and concerns of a limited number of people who are interviewed in a focus group or on a one-to-one basis.