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1/ Website content :

Assembly Conseil publishes on the website (here after “the website”) information that is available to internet users which has been checked to the best of their ability to its correctness and precision at the moment of posting the information online. Assembly Conseil can under no circumstances be held responsible for any possible damages connected to the consultation of this information.

Assembly Conseil reserves the right to modify, correct or delete the content of the website. Assembly Conseil can on no account be held responsible for the use given to the information contained on the website.

The hypertext links present on the website enable the internet user to access other websites over which Assembly Conseil has no control. Assembly Conseil can under no circumstances be held responsible for any damages caused by the content of one or several of the websites to which the website is linked to via hypertext links.

It is the responsibility of internet users to take all appropriate steps to protect their IT equipment, data and software, particularly against IT viruses that circulate on the Internet. Assembly Conseil can under no circumstances be held responsible for any damages caused by a virus whilst accessing the website.

Assembly Conseil cannot be held liable for any difficulties encountered whilst accessing the website or any communication failure.

2/ Copyright – Trade Mark Law – Links

The reproduction or representation of all or part of the content of this website, on any medium whatsoever, is strictly forbidden.

All reproduction and representation rights concerning the entire content of the website are strictly reserved. Consequently, the reproduction and representation of all or part of this website, on any medium whatsoever, is strictly forbidden without the express written authorisation of the competent authority of the person in charge of publications. Copies of the documents on this website may only be made for reference purposes and reserved exclusively for the private use of the copier.

Company names, trade marks and distinguishing logos displayed on the website are protected under trade mark law. The reproduction or representation of a part or one of the previously mentioned marks is strictly forbidden and must have prior written authorisation from the trade mark owner.

The website authorises the use of hyperlinks which direct the user to its contents, subject to:

– not using the deep linking technique, i.e. the website pages must not  be embedded within the pages of another website but are accessed by the opening of a new window;

– mentionning the source: , of the desired content.

This authorisation does not apply to Internet websites that publish content of a controversial, pornographic, or xenophobic nature, or in a broader sense, may be deemed offensive to the general public or against public order.

3/ Personnal data

The user is informed that personnel data which has been disclosed and collected within the scope of contact or newsletter subscription forms, games or other types of questionnaires are automatically processed by Assembly Conseil. The information that has been collected is kept strictly confidential and is only used by Assembly Conseil.

Certain specific information that is requested in the online forms is mandatory. It should be noted that if an entry is incorrect, the information is not sent to Assembly Conseil.

In accordance with the law « Informatique et Libertés »  (Information Technology and Individual Freedom), dated 6 January 1978, amended by the law dated 6 August 2004 (Articles 38 to 43 of the law No. 78-17, dated 6 January 1978 relating to information technology, files and individual freedom), you may exercise your right of access to this information and where appropriate, your right to change, correct or delete information that refers to you by name by writing to Assembly Conseil, 12, rue Dautancourt, 75017 Paris, France.

This website is edited by: Assembly Conseil, LLC with a capital of 21,060 € ; 12, rue Dautancourt, 75017 Paris, France ; Telephone : + 33(0)9 83 34 46 10.

Publishing Director: Stanislas de Germay

The website is hosted by: Texio CPCWeb with a capital of 46,000 € – 21, rue de Fécamp 75012 Paris.

Assembly Conseil is registered as a training service provider under the number 11 92 18136 92 with the Prefect of the Ile-de-France Region.