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7 years already!

7 years already!

7 years already!

17 January 2017 – Assembly Conseil celebrates its 7th anniversary. What a long way we have come since our first two assignments at SCOR (financial communication) and Fromageries Bel (employee savings plan consultancy)!

Our communication activities have expanded with Two&Two for print and ESAShare for digital.

Company savings schemes now include retirement saving plans with the setting up of PERCO or Article 83 schemes for clients such as Canal+ or SEB.

All dimensions of employee savings plans have been developed: plan design, choice of service providers, project management, communication, centralisation, election management, training of elected representatives…

A partnership with Deloitte means that we can now assist the most ambitious international projects.

Clients, partners and prescribers were all gathered together with our teams to celebrate this first seven-year term – renewable, let there be no doubt about it – in a convivial atmosphere at the Cloître Ouvert in the 8th district of Paris.

Thanks to all concerned and… date reserved for Assembly’s 10th anniversary!

Best regards,

Stanislas de Germay

Managing Partner


PS : Many thanks to Di Mezzo’s for the welcome and making the occasion a real pleasure: Le Cloitre Ouvert